Outdoor landscape lighting solutions

Overview of outdoor landscape lighting project

With the development and advancement of modern lighting technology, whether it is performance stage lighting, entertainment lighting, display lighting, outdoor performance lighting, landmark building lighting or cultural tourism landscape lighting, lighting design and operation have gradually transformed from technical work to technology Work that blends with art. With the steady development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life, people’s desire for spiritual culture has nourished the “cultural tourism” industry. As a part of the cultural tourism industry, lighting has also created a development trend. The cross-border integration of stage lighting equipment and landscape lighting has also become a new market in the LED lighting industry, which puts forward higher technical requirements for artistic lighting. Artistic lighting effects are usually presented by expression means such as light shade (brightness), light color, light shape, light projection direction and beam effect, and their dynamic combination. All these light effects must be achieved by using intelligent lighting control equipment to program the lamps to implement good brightness control, color transformation, beam movement and other controls.

Outdoor landscape lighting engineering analysis

Analysis of outdoor landscape lighting:
1. Lighting brings people different emotional feelings according to the outdoor landscape theme, either shocking or romantic visual perception experience. Lighting art has developed into an independent art genre. The art form with artificial light source as the main medium brings pleasure to tourists. Shocking visual enjoyment and artistic experience.

2. Lighting + landscape scenery, select elements that suit your own tonality to create the atmosphere of the scenic spot, and skillfully use lighting scenery to form two different scenes during the day and night, adding depth to the experience and giving tourists a doubled feeling.

3. The combination of lighting + water show creates a visual feast that links day and night. The water show has various forms, such as water curtain performance, digital water curtain, musical fountain, water show special effects, etc. The panoramic musical fountain brings visitors a beautiful experience during the day and can be used at night. Multimedia art such as water curtains, lasers, and music present electro-optical shadows to visitors, bringing an immersive water show lighting experience.

4. Lighting + Fireworks Show. Fireworks and light show can quickly make the scenic spot stand out, allowing tourists to gain a unique and ultimate experience. It breaks the single night viewing function and presents a theme interpretation show in an all-round way.

5. Lighting + theme stories are a form that is easier to impress. Light shows based on the extension of IP stories have an innate audience base and built-in fan enthusiasm.

All these light effects must be achieved by using intelligent lighting control equipment to program the lamps to implement good brightness control, color transformation, beam movement and other controls.

1. In terms of usage and display form, the following trends appear:

(1), outdoor landscape lighting stage trend

The concepts, methods, and lamps of stage lighting have been applied to landscape lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting has been derived including multimedia live performances, light shows, theme parks, religious/mythological and legendary themed tourism, etc.

(2) The application of outdoor landscape lighting is becoming more and more widespread.

Combined with the carrier, it has entered the hearts of the general public through fashionable and dynamic light and shadow, dreamy and gorgeous beam laser effects, and cheerful rhythm. It integrates vision, animation, culture, mobile Internet, projection and lighting, integrates advanced technology, good creativity and lighting art, and uses lighting carriers to deliver diverse color changes and color temperature control to meet the value delivery needs of different cultural contents.

2. Trends in smart lighting products and application technologies include

Today, the field of application of projector lamps has aggressively invaded the fields of stage performance and outdoor landscape lighting. It has been widely used in key projects of national and local governments, such as the Hangzhou G20 Summit, the Tianjin National Games, the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, and the Beijing Winter Olympics, all of which use projection techniques on a large scale. In modern outdoor outdoor landscape lighting projects, commonly used lamps are required to be high-power and waterproof; there are outdoor landscape projection lights of different powers, waterproof moving head beam lights, LED wall washers, waterproof par lights, waterproof laser lights, etc. wait. Outdoor landscape lighting requires developers and designers to create unparalleled lighting solutions, as well as the innovative development of stage lighting companies.

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