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Guangdong Jiechuang Lighting and Audio Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. It has been a professional lighting high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales, design, installation and commissioning of stage lighting equipment for 10 years. After 10 years of business, JCLIGHT has caught up with latecomers and quickly grown into the world’s leading company in the professional stage lighting industry with its high-quality products and strong marketing services.


A whole 6-story independent factory building independently develops and manufactures hundreds of lighting products. It has passed CIC quality certification, CPGC quality qualified products, green environmental protection promotion products, CQC certification testing and other qualifications. It has won the title of China’s famous brand and one of the top ten in the stage lighting industry. Best brand, first choice brand for government procurement and other honors.

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JCLIGHT is a stage lighting manufacturer. We have diversified designs, speedy delivery, offordable price, good service. We welcome resellers, drop shipping and OEM.

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We Provide Expert Stage Lighting Service

To develop, we must constantly transcend; to transcend, we must constantly innovate; only by insisting on innovation can we transcend ourselves and the past; innovate every day and create endlessly.
Our purpose is to create value and satisfy customers; we not only create product value, but also employee value; we not only create corporate value, but also create social value.
Don’t give in
Not to compromise is a kind of faith, which is to make every ordinary thing until it is extraordinary; it is to never believe in the final conclusion, let every established limit become history, and create the next miracle.


Systems Integration | Stage Lighting & LED Screen & JCLIGHT Sound

Our system integration team of experts designs, sources, delivers and installs audio, video, lighting, control and collaboration systems tailored to your needs, venues and clients. We provide the solutions you need to make the complicated simple, your every moment more epic, and easier, every time.

At JCLIGHT, we have the best minds in the industry geared at providing customers with curated solutions that cater to their needs. We pride ourselves on delivering projects of many business establishments, big or small. We thrive on offering our customers the best experience and service, from needs analysis, project management, system design to installation and programming.

The Certification of JCLIGHT

Own factory building 10000㎡+


JCLIGHT manufacturer, a 6-story independent factory building, independently develops and manufactures hundreds of lighting products.

Only with a strong R&D team, huge production lines and huge warehouses can we achieve such high-end quality.

Low prices, truly international first-class quality stage equipment that is affordable to people all over the world, allow JCLIGHT to enter every household.