Stage lighting, audio and large screens

Basic information about hotel banquet hall venue


Project address: Baoqing Town, Baoqing County, Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province

Venue name: Baoqing Xiyan Hotel

Venue Type: Wedding Hall Banquet Hall

Site size: 527 square meters

Venue shape: Banquet hall length 31 meters, width 17 meters, height 4.5 meters

Project construction time: 4 months

Venue use: Renting the venue for weddings, large dinner parties, birthday parties, business meetings, etc.

Approximate project budget: 300,000
Customer demand: Provide a one-stop solution for the stage lighting and audio large screen in the hotel banquet hall, including a full set of equipment for the banquet hall stage lighting and audio large screen, on-site installation and commissioning of the stage lighting system, audio system and large screen video system, technical guidance and other services

Optimized solution for banquet hall stage lighting, sound and large screen integrated system


In a performing arts space such as the wedding hall and banquet hall stage, the three systems of stage lighting system, audio and video system and large-screen video system play a vital role. Such a system needs to provide clear, rich and dynamic sound quality, as well as high-definition, vivid visual effects, all of which are designed to fully immerse the audience in the performance. We often communicate with customers for up to a month on optimized solutions for wedding hall and banquet hall stage lighting and audio large-screen integrated systems, including stage lighting systems, sound systems, LED large-screen video systems, and lighting and audio large-screen control systems.

1. Stage lighting system

The stage lighting system is an important part of the banquet hall’s performing arts. It can enhance the visual effect of the banquet hall stage and create various atmospheres and emotions. The stage lighting system needs to include various types of lighting equipment, such as beam lights, pattern lights, dyed par lights, surface lights, etc. These equipment need to be able to produce light of various colors and intensities.


2. Sound system

The sound system is one of the most important parts of the banquet hall venue. It needs to deliver the stage sound and background music accurately and clearly. When choosing audio equipment, we need to consider speakers, professional amplifiers, microphones, audio processors, mixers and other equipment. Speakers should be selected based on the size and design of the ballroom venue to ensure that the sound covers all audience areas evenly. The microphone needs to be of high quality to ensure that the actor’s voice is captured clearly and without distortion.


3. LED display large screen video system

LED large-screen video system includes projection equipment, display screen and camera equipment. High-quality projection equipment and displays can provide clear and vivid video effects, allowing the audience to clearly see every detail on the stage. The camera equipment needs to be able to capture the activity on the stage and transmit it to the display screen in real time.


4. Control system

The control system is the brain of the entire lighting, audio and video system. It is responsible for integrating all the equipment together to achieve collaborative work between the equipment. Control systems require powerful processing capabilities to handle large amounts of information and drive all equipment. At the same time, it also needs to have an easy-to-use and convenient user interface so that operators can easily control the entire system.
We configured Tiger Lighting console, JetSound mixer and audio processor, Colorlight synchronous full-color control system and video processor.

The lighting audio and video system solutions of Jiechuang Lighting Manufacturer are famous for their high-quality equipment, fine craftsmanship and professional services. The sound system uses advanced digital signal processing technology and high-performance speakers to provide broad, smooth, and transparent sound. The LED large-screen video system uses a high-resolution projector and a professional screen to provide clear and vivid images. The stage lighting system includes various types of lighting equipment, such as beam lights, pattern lights, dyed par lights, surface lights, etc., which can provide rich and dynamic lighting effects.

To sum up, the optimized wedding hall banquet hall stage lighting and audio large-screen integrated system solution needs to include high-quality stage lighting system, sound system, LED large-screen video system and control system. These systems need to work together to deliver clear, dynamic sound quality and vivid, high-definition stunning visuals to provide banquet attendees with an unparalleled audio-visual experience.

Banquet hall stage lighting and sound large screen design plan


For the design plan of the stage lighting and sound screen of the wedding hall and banquet hall, the following are some guidelines:
1. Stage lighting

– Determine the areas on the stage that need lighting, such as the center of the stage, background curtain, etc.

– Select the appropriate type and quantity of lamps, such as front lights, rear lights, side lights, dome lights, etc. Different types of lamps can produce different effects. For example, adjusting the light angle and brightness can change the stage atmosphere and bring different experiences to the audience.

– Set up control systems such as lighting consoles and dynamic lighting control software to automate and program stage lighting.

2. Professional audio

– Determine the coverage and location of the sound system to ensure that the sound can cover the entire banquet hall.

– Select appropriate speaker equipment and quantity, such as speakers, professional amplifiers, microphones and other equipment. Different types of equipment can produce different sound effects, such as bass, treble, stereo, etc.

– Set up control systems such as audio processors and mixers for audio adjustment and control.

3. LED display

– Determine the size and position of the display screen to meet the viewing needs of the audience.

– Choose the right type and number of displays, such as indoor or outdoor, curved or flat, etc. Different types of displays can produce different effects, such as bright colors, high definition, and wide viewing angles.

– Set up control systems such as Colorlight Synchronized Full Color Control System and Video Processor to enable video and image playback and adjustment.

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