Landmark building lighting solutions

Professional lighting is used to create architectural landmarks, attracting attention, and has become the standard configuration of modern urban architectural landmarks around the world. Combined with the carrier, it has entered the hearts of the general public through fashionable and dynamic light and shadow, dreamy and gorgeous beam laser effects, and cheerful rhythm. The lights intersperse and extend between the architectural carriers of different colors and materials. The combination of light and architecture, light and color, highlights high-rise buildings through professional lighting decoration and embellishment, beautifying the night scene of the city.
Combining successful cases of architectural landmark lighting at home and abroad, the main presentation methods of landmark building light shows are:
First, use the solid wall of the building as a cloud screen for projection;
Second, use high-power waterproof laser lights or high-power outdoor beam light pattern lights to create iconic lighting effects.
If you want to create an outdoor architectural landscape light show with both vision and connotation, it is necessary to combine lighting technology and art, so that the carrier, culture, lighting, sound, and pictures can be perfectly integrated to convey the value of lighting. The lighting design of outdoor buildings must take into account the connection between the surrounding natural landscape and the building in lighting. It requires not only macro control but also precise control. The design of the urban architectural landscape light show must also consider the viewer’s perspective and the maximum supported viewing angle. As well as the horizontal and vertical aspects, the design of the light show needs to preset the best viewing position in advance to meet the viewing needs as much as possible.
The landscape lighting planning and design of urban landmark buildings should first be designed to match the nature, scale and main functions of the city, so that the landmark buildings can better play their role. Urban buildings are usually important buildings and are the main symbols of the city. Lighting design should be fully utilized to cooperate with and highlight the landmark building groups and serve as a bridge of spatial links to make the urban environment at night more colorful, prosperous and full of vitality.