Live broadcast room lighting solutions

Live broadcast room lighting solutions

Singing and dancing entertainment live broadcast room lighting effects solution to create stage lighting effects for small concert performances in the live broadcast room with a strong sense of atmosphere:
1. Main light source: Set up a main light source with high brightness, usually placed in front of the live broadcast room to illuminate the performer’s face. Optional LED 200-watt imaging light;

2. Auxiliary light source: Add auxiliary light, such as a ring light or side soft light, which is projected diagonally from both sides to reduce shadows and maintain a three-dimensional feel. Optional 200-watt three-color soft light;

3. Background light: Arrange some background light sources, such as RGB LED lights or smart light bulbs, to create colorful changing effects for the background wall and enhance the atmosphere. Optional 54 full-color dyeing lights;

4. Projection lights: Use projection lights to project textures, patterns or flowing colors on the wall or the performer’s body to increase the visual effect. Optional 260-watt beam light;

5. Music lighting effect: Connect the sound system and lighting system to each other, so that the lighting changes with the beat of the music and enhances the sense of rhythm. Optional 1024S lighting console;

6. Stage smoke: Use a smoke machine to create a soft fog atmosphere and make the lighting effect more layered. Optional mist machine 600 watts;

7. Debugging lights: The stage lighting engineer must ensure that all circuits have been installed before debugging each lamp. Use the lighting console or connected equipment to adjust the position, direction, brightness, color, etc. of each light, and arrange preset lighting effects.

When arranging the lighting design in the live broadcast room, it is ensured that the lighting system meets the performance needs and at the same time pursues mutual coordination to present the best effect.

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