Bar lighting solutions

Bar project overview

With the development trend of the performance stage lighting industry, the lighting and stage design of bars will become more and more colorful, and even bars will hold opening bar lighting shows. The application of stage lighting equipment in bar venues has almost become a necessary hardware for the bar style in the new era. A high-end and elegant bar must have excellent bar decoration design and a complete bar lighting and sound system. It can create a unique environment style and bar atmosphere of the bar, and give people the best experience of free, relaxed and fun consumption.
The interior of the bar is generally composed of five functional areas: decks, high platform, scattered platform, stage or dance floor, and DJ booth.

Bar booths: somewhat similar to private rooms, generally distributed on both sides of the hall in a semi-enclosed structure. There are sofas and tables inside, and booths are prepared for large groups of guests, with the lowest consumption.

Bar high platform: distributed in front of or around the bar. The bar is the kind of place where drinks are mixed. The high platform is usually reserved for single guests.

Bars: generally distributed throughout the hall or around the dance floor. This kind of table is generally used for 2 to 5 guests.

Bar stage/dance floor: The stage is generally dozens of centimeters higher than the hall and is used to perform various programs and enhance the atmosphere of the bar; the dance floor is located in the center of the hall and is mostly used for guests to dance.

Bar DJ booth: It is a place dedicated to DJ work. There are usually lighting consoles, mixers and other control equipment on the table.
Taking a chain bar in Xinjiang as an example, the bar has a usable area of about 500 square meters, a floor-to-ceiling height of about 7 meters, and the overall distribution is rectangular. The bar counter is located at the entrance and doubles as the cash register. There is a 15*8 stage, and the seating tables are scattered in the hall. There are 4 booths that can accommodate 6-8 customers individually and numerous seatings. The total number of people that can be accommodated is about 250 people. The bar is an acousto-optical entertainment bar integrating red wine, music performances, and professional stage lighting and audio, creating a Chinese pop music concept bar style. The bar uses advanced decoration design and rigorous bar management to create a unique high-quality service model and good Brand. The fully open bar, super fun lighting and top-notch audio, is also equipped with an LED screen and a 55-inch LCD rotating TV to bring a strong visual impact. While leading the entertainment trend, it also pays more attention to the inner feelings of consumers.

Bar lighting design instructions

1. Design basis
1. Relevant information provided by Party A

2. Relevant design and functional requirements provided by Party A

3. Safety regulations, national lighting system standards and related personal safety and fire regulations. The voltage used, the installation, wiring selection and pipe threading of power boxes or boxes should also comply with personal safety regulations. The power supply and equipment installation within the system should also comply with fire protection regulations.

4. Relevant national standards for bar lighting systems

“Design Code for Electrical Appliances for Civil Buildings”

“Testing and Evaluation of Optical Quality of Stage Lighting”

“Safety Requirements for Ventilated Luminaires”

“Design Code for Integrated Wiring Engineering of Buildings and Building Groups”

“Code for Acceptance of Integrated Wiring System Engineering for Buildings and Building Groups”

“Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Lighting Devices in Electrical Installation Engineering”

“Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Grounding Devices in Electrical Installation Projects”

“Code for Design of Low-Voltage Distribution Devices and Circuits”

“Design Code for Power Supply and Distribution System”

“Low Voltage Distribution Design Code”

“Architectural Lighting Design Standards”

“Electrical Design Code for Civil Buildings”

“Limits and Measurement Methods of Radio Disturbance Characteristics of Electronic Dimming Equipment”

2. Bar lighting design analysis

The lighting equipment in bar venues has a long working time and a high usage rate; our company designs the bar lighting system with a scientific attitude. The design plan of the project mainly considers five aspects: reliability, advancement, scientificity, practicality, and economy of the system and equipment configuration:

1. Reliability: The system has the stability, reliability and safety of long-term continuous operation, and all selected equipment meets domestic or international quality and reliability standards.

2. Advancement: In the design of the lighting system, the needs for continuous development and upgrading of lighting technology and the scalability and compatibility of the system are fully considered in the design of the lighting system to meet the needs for lighting expansion and technology upgrades due to reasons such as increase in scale in the future.

3. Scientificity: In addition to considering its reliability and advancement, lighting system design must also consider whether the system is scientific and the equipment must have good flexibility and consistency.

4. Practicality: In addition to meeting the needs of users to the greatest extent, the system must also comply with the requirements of relevant domestic and foreign standards, and be easy to implement and easy to operate.

5. Economy: The system can achieve the optimal ratio between performance and price under similar systems and conditions. Select equipment with the best cost performance and achieve the most economical goal through optimized design.

At the same time, we also considered the following points when selecting equipment:

1. Computer intelligent lighting equipment equipped with high-performance indicators can reduce the total power consumption of lighting, reduce the number of lamps, and avoid waste of funds and space.

2. The pattern, color and dynamic changes of the lighting can mainly serve music and dance, but can also meet the needs of performances and various entertainment activities. Therefore, the main features of the selection of lamps are multiple patterns, large color changes, and strong dynamics; the lighting effect atmosphere is used to highlight the concept of music expression to create a beautiful on-site effect. Use moving-head computer lights, moving-head dyeing lights, and laser lights to install in several levels in different combinations to create a three-dimensional lighting effect. Pattern changes will enhance the aesthetic feeling, and color changes will arouse people’s passion and leave unforgettable memories.

3. Choose lamps that are light in weight, small in size, low in motor noise, good in heat dissipation, high in luminous efficiency and reliable in performance.

4. Select lamps that accept international standard DMX512 signal control and are suitable for any console with DMX512 communication protocol.

5. Pay attention to process design, forward-looking planning and investment focus of the project to achieve intelligent lighting, digital equipment selection, professional and diversified lighting programming, and standardized construction management. On the premise of meeting the use requirements, strictly implement Designed in accordance with national standards to achieve the desired quality of the lighting project.

3. Bar lighting configuration instructions

The bar as a whole is divided into four functional areas: seating area, DJ area, booth area and bar area. Moving head beam computer lights, LED wash lights, strobe lights, and laser lights are used together to create a dynamic effect on the stage. The combination of colors and patterns creates a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Through the programming of the computer light console, the changes in the color, pattern and movement mode of the computer light can be controlled; under the flexible use of the DJ, the movements can be achieved in sync with the music rhythm, allowing consumers to experience a higher visual aesthetics and art realm, and enter An atmosphere filled with cold melancholy or joyful and intoxicating passion. With the intensity of the music rhythm, the DJ uses the brightness, color, distribution and movement of the light to bring out the inner emotions of the light, and constantly updates various light combinations, patterns and colors to achieve harmony between the light and the music content.

In order to enhance the lighting effects to meet various performance needs, 8 stage smoke machines are specially equipped. These devices are used on the stage. When slow dancing, the dancers are like flying in the clouds, light and misty, the scenes blend together, and they are very affectionate and picturesque. During the dance, the slowly rolling smoke of the dancer’s lower body is in sharp contrast with the powerful twisting dance posture of the upper body, which can more vividly depict the special effects of fairyland.

4. Bar lighting project implementation plan

1. Equipment procurement

All equipment is selected from equipment independently produced by Jiechuang Lighting to ensure the high quality and guarantee of the equipment.

2. Construction and installation preparation

1) The auxiliary materials used for installation, such as wires, signal wires, connectors, wire tubes, wire troughs and even solder, are all selected from regular manufacturers that comply with relevant national safety and technical standards;

2) Construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with relevant national construction specifications, and safety, fire prevention and theft prevention shall be strictly controlled;

3) Prepare construction and installation tools that meet usage requirements and safety;

3. Construction and installation quality control;

Concealed projects are done carefully to leave no hidden dangers; fire prevention measures are strictly taken; welding is firm and insulation is in place; the system has high reliability, is easy to maintain, and has no electrical noise.

4. Construction and installation file management;

Complete product instructions; technical design drawings;

Bar lighting design CAD drawing

Bar lighting equipment list quotation