Slow bar lighting solution

Overview of Slow Bar Lighting Project

Slow rocking bar lighting. Modern slow rocking bars mainly rely on DJs to promote the atmosphere of the scene, which means the rhythmic control of speaker effects. The slow rocking bar style has experienced many years. Until now, it has become the development trend of the performance stage lighting industry. , stage lighting related equipment has become standard equipment used in slow rocking bars, and the lighting and stage design of slow rocking bars will become more and more colorful, so today’s slow rocking bars are investing more and more in lighting and sound effects.
Let’s take a slow-shaking bar as an example: the usable area of the slow-moving bar is about 420 square meters, the height from the ground to the ceiling is about 5 meters, and the overall layout is square. The stage of Manyao Bar is rectangular. The stage is located directly in front of the DJ booth with an area of 24 square meters. There is also a circular stage in the center of Manyao Bar with an area of 4.5 square meters. The circular stage is surrounded by a seating area and two main stages. Outside the seating area is a booth area, which can accommodate a total of about 230 people. The slow rocking bar provides customers with drinks, singing and dancing shows, and DJ performances; it is a medium-sized slow rocking bar that mainly focuses on slow rocking and is supplemented by performances. The entire slow-rocking bar is divided into six functional areas: DJ booth, stage, water bar, seating area, deck area, and leading stage. The height of the slow-rocking bar is about 5 meters. In order to ensure sufficient brightness and entertainment in every corner For lighting and stage performance lighting, we use high-power LED lamps as basic lighting fixtures, and select computer moving head lights, laser lights, dyed par lights, moving light speed lights, strobe lights, etc. supplied by Jiechuang Lighting Manufacturer as effect lighting fixtures , smoke machines are used as special effects equipment.

Lighting design analysis of Slow Rock Bar

At present, slow shake bars can be roughly divided into three categories:
The first type is a typical slow-rock bar, where the music is integrated into the entire bar and guests can dance near their seats;
The second is to set up a small stage (pool) with performances and lead dances. Guests can enjoy the experience while drinking, and can also participate in various activities at any time;
The third is an interactive mode in which the seating area and the dance area are independent of each other. There is movement in the stillness, and stillness in the movement. Guests can dance at any time, or quietly drink and chat aside.
The specific layout is as follows:
1. The stage and DJ booth area uses 24 high-power LED lamps as basic lighting fixtures, and also uses 4 computer moving moving head pattern lights, 4 computer moving moving head beam lights, 1 full-color animation laser light, and DMX strobe light. One set is used as an effect lamp, and two sets of DMX direction-adjustable hoods are used as effect equipment.
2. The T-shaped stage area uses 18 high-power LED lamps as basic lighting fixtures, and 4 computer moving head pattern lights as effect lamps.
3. The scattered seating area uses 6 computer moving head pattern lights, 8 LED flower blooming and closing beam lights, 2 computer moving head beam lights, 4 wizard computer lights, and 1 DMX strobe light as effect lighting fixtures.
4. The deck area uses 8 wizard computer lights and the leading stage uses 4 high-power LED lamps as effect lamps.
The lighting console is synchronized with the rhythm of the slow rocking music style, and the lamps are programmed to meet the needs of performing arts and slow rocking at different times to control their color, brightness, angle, pattern and other effects. The dark night sky is dyed with a large area of soft light and dimmed with a uniform color, allowing customers to maintain a good mood throughout the night while slowly rocking. At the same time, a full-color animated laser light is placed in the sky behind the DJ booth. Through the smoke produced by two heavy smoke machines, the full-color laser can bring stunning and dreamy effects to customers, and can mobilize and stimulate for a long time. the customer’s emotions.

Slow bar lighting design CAD drawing

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