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Karaoke bar lighting project overview

With the vigorous development of the stage lighting industry, the research and development of various functional styles of lights have been updated and upgraded. More and more Karaoke bar private rooms have also applied some stage lighting related equipment, such as low-power beam lights, animated laser lights, inlaid light strips, and atmosphere Lights, butterfly lights, etc.; taking a luxury Karaoke bar as an example, the Karaoke bar entertainment space mobilizes people’s emotions by using the magic of “sensory” and “tactile”. Alcohol, music, active atmosphere, and dazzling lights bring consumers The special feeling of relaxation and warmth, everything seen in the eyes, makes everyone feel like a super noble king, relaxing themselves in vision and desire. Modern Karaoke bar design vividly expresses the characteristics of fashion, romance, luxury, fun and so on. In Karaoke bar lighting design, in addition to conventional lighting, stage lighting related equipment is used to highlight the temperament of the environment, and the latest Karaoke bar lighting and sound system integrating sound, light and electricity has become the highlight of the decoration of most Karaoke bar and other entertainment venues.

Karaoke bar lighting design analysis explanation

Karaoke bar entertainment venues are places where customers can relax, have fun, have fun, and enjoy life. It provides people with a social gathering place and a common platform for people to communicate. The following factors are mainly considered in lighting design:

1. Lighting selection

Lighting selection is part of the soft decoration. It is not enough to only choose one kind of light and apply one lighting method. Lighting design occupies an important position in Karaoke bar design. It must not only meet the illumination requirements of the lighting function, but also meet the decorative requirements of lighting art. Generally, Karaoke bars use a large amount of functional lighting, while high-end and luxurious clubs use a large amount of lighting that combines functionality and artistry, and pure artistic lighting is also used in some important halls. Karaoke bar entertainment venues can use indoor lighting to shape the atmosphere of the entire space, emphasize the elegant style, and create the desired perfect effect.

2. Fashionable lighting shapes space style

In modern entertainment venues, lighting design not only focuses on the basic function of lighting, but also pays more attention to the creation of the environment and the shaping of the style. Through the use of new lighting elements and the strengthening of local lighting, the overall atmosphere can be quiet, warm, luxurious, or luxurious. Or elegant and other effects. The combination of lighting and leisure and entertainment space environment can create various moods of different styles and achieve good decorative effects. In the Karaoke bar lighting design, the light color of the light can be flexibly used and matched with the color and sensing of the interior decoration materials. For example, a light source with a low color temperature gives people a warm feeling, which can increase the happy and warm indoor atmosphere; a light source with a high temperature gives people a feeling of tranquility, and the indoor space will appear quiet and elegant. The lighting decoration techniques in entertainment venues are rich and colorful, and it is a project that combines technology and art. The most distinctive feature of the entertainment venues is the design of the boxes. In order to cater to the fresh and unique consumption needs of high-end customers, each box in the entertainment venues has its own unique style. After appropriate dimming, it uses hidden spotlights, beams, and lasers. Lamps and other forms of recessed lighting have become popular.

3. Design should be divided into zones

Light is one of the most critical factors that should be considered in the design of entertainment and leisure atmosphere, because the lighting system can determine the style of the Karaoke bar private room. Different natures of the environment require different light designs to adapt to people’s behavioral characteristics and psychological needs in different environments. The light in the private room environment has been carefully conceived by the designer, combining technology with artistry, and integrating the practical, aesthetic and spiritual functions of light, which can make the Karaoke bar environment better adapt to people’s behavioral and psychological needs.

4. Application of new elements

The aesthetic requirements of lighting design in modern entertainment venues: First of all, the lighting should be harmonious, whether dynamic or static, to produce a style and reflect a style. Secondly, the lighting design should meet the various functional requirements of the club. Thirdly, in modern leisure and entertainment clubs, new elements should be added to the lighting design as much as possible, and the lighting layout should be as innovative and breakthrough as possible. In the decoration, in addition to the extensive use of stainless steel, glass and stone, in the leisure club, a large number of acrylic, light strips and the combination of lighting and soft decoration have brought many innovative effects, especially when combined with LED lighting, it will Produce unexpected and wonderful effects. The extensive use of LED lighting, a new element, is a major feature of modern leisure club lighting design.

As an emerging light source, LED lighting has also become a fashionable element for creating a personalized atmosphere in leisure clubs. The background walls of high-end clubs use LED dot matrix and modular styles, which bring a strong shocking effect to people. LED displays are also widely used in prominent locations in large clubs to disseminate the latest news and display MVs. In addition, LED lights are rich in variety and can produce a variety of effects; they are also mostly used for indoor effect lighting. They can be programmed to change dozens of colors and have hundreds of ways to change them, giving the observer an impression that will never be repeated. Because Karaoke bar lights are used frequently and for a long time, LED lights are more popular among people because of their long life, stability, reliability, energy saving and environmental protection. Now our Jiechuang Lighting Factory directly sells private room effect lights to choose from: 60W LED moving head light, LED crystal magic ball light, 100W small steel cannon beam light, colorful moving head dyeing light, double-layer butterfly light, 1-watt animated laser light , Karaoke bar intelligent lighting controller, eight-segment strobe lights and 8-eye scanning beam lights, etc., can provide a full set of Karaoke bar lighting.

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