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Life house is also called a leisure bar or snack bar. Life house mainly plays light music, which is relatively quiet and comfortable. Life house is the most gentle and ladylike of all the bars. When designing and decorating, the shape, color system, luminosity and quantity of lamps should be rationally utilized to create an entertainment and leisure space with rich layers, beautiful visual effects and quietness. In addition, the lighting design must have a sense of hierarchy and reflect the gradient effect of the lighting, so that different functional areas have a reasonable and comfortable visual effect in terms of light intensity and visual effects. At present, life houses can be roughly divided into three categories:

The first type is a typical life house, where the music is integrated into the entire life house and guests can dance near their seats;
The second is to set up a small stage (pool) with performances and lead dances. Guests can enjoy the experience while drinking, and can also participate in various activities at any time;
The third is an interactive mode in which the seating area and the dance area are independent of each other. There is movement in the stillness, and stillness in the movement. Guests can dance at any time, or quietly drink and chat aside.

Life house lighting design analysis

A full set of life house lighting is an indispensable part of the overall design of the bar. The use of lighting is not only reflected in the splendor of the life house nightclub, but also reflects the charm of lighting in the warm and pleasant life house. The lighting design has It has become the mainstream trend of modern design. This is not only due to the diversity of lighting accessories nowadays, but also determined by the avant-garde nature of design thinking. Lighting is rich in the characteristics of color and music changes. Therefore, lighting design plays an important role in the decoration process of life house. A more comprehensive knowledge and understanding is needed. When designing the lighting of the life house, it should be flamboyant but not cliché, and it should be relaxed and relaxed. It is best to better combine the neutral color temperature with the atmosphere of the bar, so as to ensure that Make the entire life house atmosphere better. The life house is considered to be a more ladylike one among all the bars. Therefore, if the lighting is not chosen properly, it may have the opposite effect. When designing and decorating the life house, you should pay attention to choosing the appropriate style reasonably. , color, the number of lights and the brightness of the lights, etc. The reasonable use of these can ensure the creation of a very rich visual experience, and can also bring a relatively quiet leisure place.
In addition, when designing life house lighting, we must also pay attention to the sense of hierarchy. It is best to design lights with a gradient effect, and in different areas, the intensity of the light must be determined according to specific functions. , thereby ensuring that a more comfortable visual effect can be created and the overall effect can be more satisfactory.
The above is how to design lighting for the best effect during the life house decoration design process and what must be paid attention to when designing life house lighting. Lighting can be said to be one of the souls of life house design. If this design is not adequate, then, This may make the entire life house atmosphere unsatisfactory.
Now take a certain life house as an example: the usable area of the life house is about 420 square meters, the height from the ground to the ceiling is about 5 meters, and the overall layout is square. The stage of the Qing Bar is rectangular in shape, 0.2 meters above the ground. The stage is located directly in front of the DJ booth with an area of 24 square meters. There is also an oblong stage in the center of the Qing Bar with an area of 4.5 square meters. The rectangular stage is surrounded by a seating area and two main stages. The outside of the seating area is a booth area, which can accommodate a total of about 230 people. life house provides customers with drinks, singing and dancing SHOWs, and DJ performances; the entire bar is divided into six functional areas: DJ stage, T-shaped stage, water bar, seating area, deck area, and leading stage. The height of the bar is about 5 meters , in order to ensure sufficient brightness, entertainment lighting in every corner and performing arts lighting on the stage, we use high-power LED lamps as basic lighting fixtures, computer moving moving beam lights, moving moving head wash lights, full-color laser lights, wizard lights , imaging lights, strobe lights are used as effect lamps, smoke machines and air column machines are used as special effect equipment,
The specific layout is as follows (for reference only):

1. The stage and DJ booth area uses 24 high-power LED lamps as basic lighting fixtures, and also uses 4 computer moving moving head pattern lights, 4 computer moving moving head beam lights, 1 full-color animation laser light, and DMX strobe light. One set is used as an effect lamp, and two sets of DMX direction-adjustable hoods are used as effect equipment.

2. The stage area uses 18 high-power LED lamps as basic lighting fixtures, and 4 computer moving head pattern lights as effect lamps.

3. The scattered seating area uses 6 computer moving head pattern lights, 8 LED flower blooming and closing beam lights, 2 computer moving head beam lights, 4 wizard computer lights, and 1 DMX strobe light as effect lighting fixtures.
4. The deck area uses 8 wizard computer lights and the leading stage uses 4 high-power LED lamps as effect lamps.

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