Price: [Free for every customer in JCLIGHT]

Name: [Alison Zhang]

Whastapp(Leader): [Tom Willson] +86 15216706349

Professional background:

  • B.A., Stage Design and Technology, [Guangdong Design Institute]

Design Age: 

  • 5 Years

Project achievements:

  • Video cases below

Site design experience:

  • Proficient in using CAD to create corresponding lighting design plans according to customer sites, including lighting positions, console controller distribution, truss layout, DMX line distribution, power line distribution, reasonable distribution of light effects, etc.
  • Coordinate with product departments to ensure that customer needs and products match.
  • Coordinate collaboration with clients, producers and other creative team members to ensure designs are aligned with the overall visuals.
  • Coordinate with designers to ensure that the console design is consistent with the customer console.

Skilled in designing scenarios:

  • Bar venue, Karaoke bar room, Dance room, Studio room, Wedding and banquet hall, School/Lecture hall/Conference hall,  Live house/music room/bike room, Outdoor stage performance waterproof series, Outdoor stage performance non-waterproof series, Park/outdoor scenic area/roof lighting


Engineer completing video keep uploading: