Outdoor waterproof Full color landmark laser light I27-3

Voltage: AC100V~240V 50~60Hz
Rated power: 700W
Laser source: all-solid semiconductor laser
Galvanometer: 50kpss
Scope Angle: 60° standard scanning unit and scanning driver circuit, maximum speed 40000kpps
Divergence Angle: <1.2mrad;
Laser power: 30W (optional) (R8W+G10W+B12W)
Cooling sysyem: fan forced cooling
Operating temperature :-40°C~45°C
Software control :ILDA’s full signal is switched electronically
Control mode: DMX512/Master-slave/auto/sound/ILDA
(Pangolin QSFB3/FB4 or fire Phoenix laser software control)
Laser pattern: Full-color animation laser, using high speed vibroscope scanning speed, includes stroboscopic, rotation, tumbling, moving, stretching, scaling, gradually drawing, speed, color and other effects. The machine has its own pattern size and reverse phase adjustment, built-in 128 laser animation patterns.
Package size:
Applicable places: urban landscape, architectural landmarks, performance, advertising, etc

Short model number: I27-3