Banquet Hall Lighting and Sound Project Case

Banquet Hall Lighting and Sound Project Case

The project case of the grand banquet hall of a star-rated hotel in Guangzhou is mainly used for weddings, wedding ceremonies, wedding performances, product launches, large-scale corporate marketing meetings, etc. The stage opening of the multifunctional banquet hall is 12m wide, the stage opening is 6.2m high, and the stage depth is 8m. Our Jiechuang lighting brand has produced this set of scientific and rigorous banquet hall stage lighting engineering plans through careful thinking and careful design. The lighting system equipment is mainly based on Jiechuang lighting products, mainly equipped with 54 full-color par lights, 350W beam lights, COB surface lights, King Kong 1024S lighting consoles, signal amplifiers, stage mist machines, LED film and television stage lights, 880W LED follow-up lights, etc., and other related supporting equipment are all from well-known domestic brands that are stable and reliable. The configuration of the entire banquet hall stage lighting system ensures both high-performance indicators and system stability and safety. The system has ultra-high technological leadership and scalability, and will reach first-class standards among domestic hotel banquet halls upon completion.

JCLIGHT supplies a complete set of banquet hall lighting equipment. It takes three months from customer consultation on hotel banquet hall lighting to installation, commissioning and acceptance. Our professional services in providing customers with overall banquet hall lighting solutions include: detailed communication of customer needs, banquet hall venue map analysis , the desired lighting effect; produce the project CAD design drawing and the banquet hall stage lighting point map; communicate the banquet hall lighting design matching plan, determine the full set of banquet hall lighting list quotation; communicate after-sales service guarantee, finalize the contract to close the deal; the lighting arrives The lighting effect of the banquet hall presented by post-installation, debugging and programming is shocking, professional and cool.

JCLIGHT is the industry’s leading stage lighting manufacturer. It independently produces hundreds of stage lights and has multiple private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and debugging team, and undertakes large-scale commercial professional lighting system projects around the world. It is widely used. The venues include performance stages, theater auditoriums, lecture halls, bars, KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark buildings, etc.

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