T stage catwalk lighting case

T stage catwalk lighting case

With the development of the lighting industry, more and more scenes are equipped with new era professional lighting; stage lighting is an indispensable and important prop for stage performances. It can create dreamlike stage lighting effects. The whole stage is filled with shocking dreamy magic. Stage lighting is an important means of arranging the stage, setting off the stage scene, and creating the stage atmosphere. Lighting is often referred to by creators as the soul combination that shapes the stage space. Only under the illumination of light can any object be perfectly displayed and create endlessly changing lighting effects.

The role of stage lighting in T stage catwalks 1: basic lighting
Fashion clothing is the carrier of visual exchange and communication between designers and audiences, and lighting is precisely the bridge for this communication and communication. Allowing the audience to clearly see the shape, color, texture, and temperament of the clothing is the most basic requirement for T-stage catwalk stage lighting. Ensure the basic illumination of the light, so that the audience can be in a comfortable lighting environment and appreciate the clothing without visual fatigue. Only by achieving basic lighting functions can we be qualified to use lights for artistic rendering and modeling.

The second role of stage lighting in T-stage catwalks: setting off the atmosphere required for clothing works
The costume designer has an ideal environment and atmosphere for the works he publishes. He uses the color of the stage lighting to create an atmosphere and set off the beauty of the combination of people and clothing, which can allow the audience to be very directly integrated into the entire performance, allowing the audience to It produces a strong visual appreciation shock, so the use of lighting to create the atmosphere of the scene is also a successful presentation of the designer’s design concept.

The third role of stage lighting in T-stage shows: emphasizing key works and creating performance rhythm
In many T-stage catwalk performances, designers may have one or several sets of works that need to be highlighted during the performance. In addition to using special models and special arrangements to outline these key works, lighting is also an indispensable means. For example, the application of fixed point light or chasing light is a means of highlighting and emphasizing that the designer wants to focus the audience’s sight on a specific area.

The fourth role of stage lighting in T stage catwalks: stage scheduling methods
In T-stage catwalk shows, lighting is one of the means of stage scheduling. The movement of lights in different areas of the stage creates different brightness, color, area, and changes in virtuality and reality. It can successfully shift the audience’s vision to different positions. This is a common method used by directors to deal with stage composition and control the rhythm of the performance.

For example, a certain brand’s catwalk performances always use follow-up lights, focusing all the light on the models moving forward and ignoring the materials and textures of the stage and backboard, the shape of the lighting stands, etc. This is also the simplicity that a certain brand has always advocated. and haughty style. In the lighting and stage design of the T stage show, we must coordinate the relationship between lighting and color to achieve the best stage effect. Lighting can “secondary color” the catwalk, props, models, clothing, etc. If the lighting colors are not used properly in the show, the audience will not be able to experience the shocking visual effects, nor will the designer’s ideal environment be created.

JCLIGHT supplies a complete set of catwalk and T-stage lighting equipment. It takes two months from the customer’s consultation on the catwalk T-stage lighting design quotation to the completion of installation and commissioning. The services of JCLIGHT, which professionally provides customers with a complete set of catwalk T-stage lighting solutions, include: detailed communication of customer needs, venue Drawing analysis, desired lighting effects; produce project CAD design drawings, catwalk T-stage lighting point map; communicate catwalk T-stage lighting design matching plan, determine full set of catwalk T-stage lighting list quotation; negotiate after-sales service guarantee, finalize contract and close the deal ; After the logistics distribution lamps arrive, they are installed, debugged and programmed to show the catwalk lighting effect.
JCLIGHT independently produces hundreds of stage lights and has many private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and commissioning team, and undertakes global large-scale professional stage lighting system projects. It is widely used in performances, stage performances, and T-stage catwalks. Stage, theater auditorium lecture hall, multi-functional conference hall, bar KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark buildings, etc.
Maybe not all the lighting application cases on jc-lights.com are displayed, and we can’t find the corresponding cases for your venue, but it doesn’t matter, our Jiechuang is a professional team and can supply professional lighting equipment for all venues; thank you all Customer trust and support!

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