Live broadcast room lighting project case

Live broadcast room lighting project case

Today’s live broadcast industry is becoming more and more popular among young people, among which entertainment live broadcast rooms are the most popular. How to improve the viewing and attractiveness of the live broadcast room through lighting design and layout is a topic worth discussing. In a well-known singing and dancing entertainment live broadcast room, they adopted a carefully designed lighting layout plan to bring the ultimate visual enjoyment to the audience. First, they divided the entire stage into different areas, each with a unique color combination and lighting effects, creating different atmospheres and moods. For example, when singing lyrical songs, the scene will use soft purple tones and gradient lighting effects to show a romantic and warm feeling; during dance performances, the scene will use brighter red and yellow lights that alternately flash to create a romantic and warm feeling. The high-energy atmosphere allows the audience to feel a strong sense of rhythm and passion.

Secondly, in terms of lighting equipment, the live broadcast room uses a large number of 380-beam lights and moving-head wash lights. These lights have good controllability and programmability and can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of different scenes. For example, during the dance performance, the moving lights will automatically rotate and change direction according to the movements of the dancers, and at the same time switch colors and lighting effects in line with the rhythm of the music, allowing the audience to experience a cooler visual effect.

Finally, the live broadcast room also enhances the three-dimensional and depth sense of the stage space through multi-level lighting arrangements and projections, allowing the audience to enjoy an immersive feeling during the live broadcast, thus improving the viewing experience of the live broadcast room. experience and attraction.

To sum up, through the carefully designed lighting layout plan, the singing and dancing entertainment live broadcast room has achieved very successful results, bringing the ultimate audio-visual experience to the audience and helping the anchor attract more fans. Therefore, for other entertainment live broadcast rooms, the importance of lighting design and layout has become more and more prominent. Only through continuous innovation and experimentation can we meet the needs of the audience and become a popular live broadcast platform.

The Jiechuang lighting live broadcast room is used to demonstrate the appearance, effect display and other product introductions of all Jiechuang stage lighting products when watching the live broadcast. It also provides face-to-face and step-by-step demonstrations of the real effects of the purchased lights for customers who come to visit, as well as a full set of live broadcast room lighting design. All layouts are provided with technical guidance by Jiechuang Lighting Engineering Department, produced in our own factory, and installed, debugged and programmed. Please enjoy the lighting effects in the live broadcast room:

JCLIGHT independently produces hundreds of stage lights and owns multiple private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and commissioning team, and undertakes global large-scale commercial professional lighting system projects. It is widely used in performances, stage performances, and theater auditorium reports. Halls, bars, KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark buildings, etc. Maybe not all the lighting application cases on our official website of Jiechuang Lighting are displayed, and we can’t find the corresponding cases for your venue, but it doesn’t matter, our Jiechuang is a professional team and can supply professional lighting equipment for all places; thank you to all customers trust and support!

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