Theater auditorium stage lighting case

Theater auditorium stage lighting case

The auditorium of a large theater is an indoor performance venue with singing and dancing performances as its main performance form. Its internal main stage is 28 meters wide (the proscenium width is 22 meters), the stage depth is 18 meters, and the stage proscenium height is 8 meters. It adopts a full range of large-scale professional stage computer moving head lights and 330W beam lights, including 1500W high-power cutting lights, four-in-one pattern lights, dyeing lights, and large beam lights. The entire venue is equipped with world-class sound, light, electricity, pyrotechnics, water curtains and other supporting mechanical stage devices. The theater can meet the needs of comprehensive and professional performances. It can meet the needs of more than a hundred actors performing large-scale ethnic songs and dances on the same stage. It can also meet other purposes such as popular music concerts, variety show singing and dancing parties, dramas, dance dramas, conferences, movies, etc. At the same time It can accommodate more than 3,000 people to watch performances at the same time; it has a domestic first-class stage, a large screen, comfortable seats, top-notch speakers, programmed lighting, plus exciting performances, please enjoy!

JCLIGHT supplies a complete set of theater stage lighting equipment. It takes three months from customer consultation on theater stage lighting to installation and commissioning to complete acceptance. The services that professionally provide customers with overall theater stage lighting solutions include: detailed communication of customer needs, site map analysis, and lighting effects; produce theater and stage CAD design drawings, theater stage lighting spot maps; communicate theater stage lighting design matching plans, determine a full set of theater stage lighting list quotations; communicate after-sales service guarantees, negotiate contracts to close the deal; lighting logistics arrives after arrival The theater stage lighting effect presented by installation, debugging and programming is shocking, neat and cool.

JCLIGHT independently produces hundreds of stage lights and owns multiple private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and commissioning team, and undertakes global large-scale commercial professional lighting system projects. It is widely used in performances, stage performances, and theater auditorium reports. Halls, bars, KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark buildings, etc.

Maybe not all the lighting application cases on are displayed, and we can’t find the corresponding cases for your venue, but it doesn’t matter, our Jiechuang is a professional team and can supply professional lighting equipment for all venues; thank you all Customer trust and support!

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