5W color light source: (R:1W-638nm G:1W-520nm B:3W-445nm)
10W color light source:(R:3w-638nm G:3w-520nm B:4w-445nm)
15W color light source:(R:4W-638nm G:5W-520nm B:6W-445nm)
20W color light source:(R:6W-638nm G:6W-520nm B:8W-445nm)
30W color light source:(R:8W-638nm G:10W-520nm B:12W-445nm)
40W color light source:(R:10W-638nm G:12W-520nm B:18W-445nm)
50W color light source:(R:12W-638nm G:16W-520nm B:22W-445nm)
60W color light source:(R:16W-638nm G:18W-520nm B:26W-445nm)
Input voltage:AC220V/50-60Hz
Laser light source type: Japan Riya diode chip
Total power consumption range of lamps (W):180-300W (different power consumption is inconsistent)
Laser scanning Angle and speed :60 degrees /40KPPS
Cooling mode: external to fan thermal
Laser modulation: TTL analog signal
Control mode and Angle: automatic horizontal rotation + adjustable Angle range 0-360 degrees
Use environment: outdoor (the equipment has designed outdoor rain protection measures) Outdoor roof and scenic tower, not suitable for indoor use
working temperature range:-40-50 degrees
Celsius Working life (hours): more than 10000 hours
Laser emission Angle:<0.8 mrad (full angle)
size: <6.8 mm
Optical lens: double-sided coating, reflectivity up to 99%
waterproof grade :IP58
Size :50*50*80CM
Weight :50KG
Power: 200 w

Short model number: I25-1