10r Sharpy Light Price

10r Sharpy Light Price

Misunderstanding: 10R beam light refers to a beam light with a total power of approximately 260-280W

Correct answer: 10R does not represent the total power of the light or the power of the bulb, but refers to the specifications of the bulbs used in the lighting equipment. In the stage lighting industry, R usually means “bulb specification”.

Specifically, 10R refers to a specific specification of bulb, usually a metal halide lamp (Metal Halide Lamp), with a filament length of 10 mm. This kind of bulb usually has higher brightness and color temperature and is suitable for stage lighting and performance effects.

Therefore, 10R does not represent the total wattage of the light, but rather the specification and type of bulb. The total power of a lamp depends on the design and configuration of the lamp itself and may include the power of multiple bulbs, power supplies, drivers, and other components.

Let’s take a look at the major brands selling 10R sharp light in the world

  1. Clay Paky Sharpy 10R
  2. Robe Pointe
  3. PR Lighting XR 330 Beam
  5. 1.Clay Paky Sharpy 10R

Price: $1,395.00 per unit
Advantages: Excellent beam effect and fast motion response, high color saturation, and strong reliability.
Disadvantages: Higher price, higher maintenance costs, and sometimes noise issues may occur.

2.Robe Pointe

Price: $1,600.00 per unit
Advantages: Strong versatility, high brightness, clear beam effects, and rich and diverse built-in special effect modes.
Disadvantages: Larger size, heavier weight, relatively high price.

3.PR Lighting XR 330 Beam

Price: $3,975.00 per unit
Advantages: High cost performance, clear beam, bright colors, equipped with a variety of beam control and effect options.
Disadvantages: Some users report that the product is not stable enough and requires attention to care and maintenance.

4.JCLIGHT 275W BEAM LIGHT(THE SIRIUS)=====>Click to get product details

Price: $250.00 per unit
Advantages: The lamps are cheap, purely made in China, bright and colorful, suitable for large stages and outdoor activities, and highly durable.
Disadvantages: There may be a problem of insufficient heat dissipation, and you need to pay attention to heat dissipation treatment during long-term continuous use.


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