DJ light moving head

DJ light moving head

Now various industries have gradually come back to life, and entertainment venues such as KTVs and bars are slowly beginning to open up.

Today let’s talk about the design of bar lighting. Lighting is an indispensable and important factor in bars.

A bar is a place for people to relax and have fun. The space style and atmosphere of the bar are very important to customers. An environment where customers feel comfortable and can let go is the reason for their choice.

The effect that lighting design wants to create is to enhance the atmosphere of the bar and improve the grade of the bar.

Let’s teach you how to make reasonable use of lighting design to make the bar stand out. These methods are also applicable to some entertainment or leisure places.

There are several types of bar lighting designs:

  1. 1.Basic lighting

Basic lighting is lighting under normal circumstances. There is no need to consider other factors. It only needs to meet the audience’s requirements for seeing the stage and performance clearly.

  1. 2.Character lighting

Here we need to talk about local lighting. Local lighting only illuminates some local parts that you want to highlight, highlighting the level and atmosphere of these local environments.

For example, the lighting of the stage host requires local lighting. This kind of lighting requires the use of follow-up lights. This kind of light is characterized by high brightness and can clearly display local light spots. At the same time, it can be adjusted to change the virtual and real changes in luminosity.

3.Background lighting

The most commonly used background light is the beam light. The beam light is named because of its unique light source. Its focal length positioning is very accurate, and because of the small-diameter cup bulb design, the beam effect is highly utilized.

This kind of lighting is the best background lighting. Through the effective use of light effects, the lighting can highlight its beauty and theme as the performers, stage, and plot change.

4.Basic effect lighting and special effect lighting

Basic effect lights are mainly directional beam lights, while special effect lights are mainly computer lights. Its light color, spot and illumination are better than other conventional lights, but the price is relatively expensive. You can add computers as needed. number of lights or reduce the number of basic effect lights.

Mixing these lights together can highlight the outline and three-dimensionality of characters and objects, meet local needs for light color, brightness and direction, and set up background lights to make the stage performance more realistically presented to the audience, creating a Create a harmonious environment that satisfies customers.

Bar design has a very wide selection of light sources and types of lights, but as long as you master the skills of using lights, adjust the brightness and color appropriately, and arrange the lighting combinations reasonably, a relaxing and good bar atmosphere can be created Out.

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