Cycling room lighting and sound case

Cycling room lighting and sound case

With the development of the contemporary economy and the increase of national economic income, more and more people are paying attention to physical health issues, especially those who live in big cities. They spend most of their time sitting in offices and rarely exercise outdoors. At this time, more people choose to enter the gym to exercise. Coupled with the country’s promotion of national fitness, gym industries across the country are also springing up and blooming everywhere. Most investors who participate in gym investments are unfamiliar with the gym lighting and audio industry, and are confused about the choice of gym lighting and audio. Most investors who do not understand gym lighting and audio will go to Taobao to choose cheap lighting and audio equipment. As everyone knows, you get what you pay for, and low-end equipment will have a huge negative impact. A member spends money to apply for a card to come to the gym to enjoy services, but he becomes disgusted with the gym because of the bad experience brought by inferior sound and lighting. , so the lighting and sound equipment in the gym must not be chosen casually. It must be selected and purchased according to the grade, style and room size of the gym. Do not buy and install it casually because you do not understand it or it is cheap, which often results in spending money and not being able to afford the equipment. Some effects. Next, let Jiechuang Lighting and Audio lead you to understand how to build a good gym and choose the lighting and audio equipment. Good equipment comes with its own flow, and can also allow customers to better experience the super audio-visual experience brought by the club.

Spinning room: The spinning class is a special course for weight loss. The coach will lead members to do different movements on the spinning equipment to quickly burn fat in a short period of time and achieve rapid weight loss, body slimming, and leg slimming effects.

  1. Spinning room sound system: The spinning room is mainly based on spinning courses. The spinning room embodies the theme of explosive, fast and sprinting, stimulating members to lose fat quickly and achieve rapid weight loss. Therefore, the sound system of the spinning room is particularly important. A good sound system in the spinning room must have a suitable high sound pressure level, surging bass, and non-piercing treble. Otherwise, it will either fail to arouse the passion of members, or the sound will be very noisy. It makes people unable to adapt. Jiechuang Lighting recommends using different sound configurations according to different sizes of bicycle rooms, and try to keep the sound pressure in the bicycle room within the upper and lower range of 96DB. Let’s take a swimming and fitness spinning room as an example. Its area is 120 square meters and it is a relatively large spinning room. Therefore, when configuring the sound system in this area, we use a pair of 12-inch professional speakers as the main sound amplification, using 1 The 10-inch professional speakers are used as auxiliary speakers, and two 18-inch subwoofers are used. The scene perfectly demonstrates the bass dynamics and sound pressure level that a spinning room should have, ensuring that the sound pressure in the spinning room is above 96DB, and the coach can be used at any time Adjust the volume according to different scenes.
  2. Intelligent lighting system for spinning rooms: We often say that a good design brings its own traffic. This is the case with the lighting design of spinning rooms. Jiechuang Lighting provides intelligent lighting services to thousands of fitness clubs across the country, providing clubs with The grade and customer experience have brought great results. First, let’s understand the principle of smart lighting in the spinning room:
    In a swimming and fitness spinning room, we used aluminum light troughs that were newly molded in 2019. They were quickly installed and the effect was excellent. The most important thing was to save costs. The most important thing is that this system is easy to use. There is a control panel directly in front of the coach. The coach can switch to different lighting modes according to different stages of the course. Jiechuang Lighting customized the panel according to most courses in the spinning room, which is very suitable for the course. The integration is very high, and the coach can control the volume of the microphone and music in real time on the panel. The intelligent lighting system and audio system host of Jiechuang Lighting have network interfaces, which can be easily adjusted through this panel.
    The sound and smart lighting in the spinning room are an integral effect. Good auditory effects are fascinating, and good visual effects arouse people’s emotional changes. Therefore, the collision of auditory and visual effects in the spinning room perfectly meets the dynamic, exciting, fast, and dynamic characteristics of the spinning room. Sprint theme. Next, let’s take a look at the final effect of a swimming fitness and cycling room:

JCLIGHT supplies a complete set of spinning room lighting and audio equipment. It takes two months from customer consultation on spinning room lighting and audio to installation, commissioning and acceptance. The services of JCLIGHT, which professionally provides customers with a complete set of spinning room lighting and audio solutions, include: detailed communication of customer needs, Analysis of site maps and desired lighting effects; Produce project CAD design drawings, spinning room lighting and sound point diagrams; Communicate the spinning room lighting and sound design matching plan, determine the full set of spinning room lighting and sound list quotation; Negotiate after-sales service guarantee, From the finalization of the contract to the closing of the transaction; after the arrival of the logistics distribution lighting and sound equipment, installation, debugging and programming are performed to present the lighting and sound effects of the spinning room.

JCLIGHT independently produces hundreds of stage lights and has many private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and commissioning team, and undertakes global large-scale professional stage lighting system projects. It is widely used in performances, stage performances, and T-stage catwalks. Stage, theater auditorium lecture hall, multi-functional conference hall, bar KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark buildings, etc.
Maybe not all the lighting application cases on are displayed, and we can’t find the corresponding cases for your venue, but it doesn’t matter, our Jiechuang is a professional team and can supply professional lighting equipment for all venues; thank you all Customer trust and support.

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