KTV intelligent lighting project case

KTV intelligent lighting project case

A well-known mass-market KTV in Chongqing has introduced China’s most advanced audio-visual lighting and sound equipment, using VOD song request system, streaming media technology, and voice-controlled lighting to bring the most shocking audio-visual impact, and an excellent technical team provides guarantee for the development and upgrade of the system; We have spent a lot of money to build various mass-market KTV theme private rooms, equipped with top-end hardware facilities, high-quality vertical microphones, and dynamic performance stages to maximize the entertainment, fun and relaxing atmosphere. At the same time, we also combine ergonomics and pay attention to green, energy-saving and environmental protection.
Perfectly matched with KTV private rooms integrating sound, light and electricity, with broad market prospects and hotel-style service concepts, it creates a singing entertainment culture with a fashionable, relaxing, happy and comfortable cultural temperament that meets the needs of different consumption levels from the general public to the niche upstarts. The venue advocates a positive way of leisure gathering, while adhering to the service tenet of “people-oriented, healthy entertainment”, and strives to create a high-end boutique-style mass-selling KTV.

Singing is the main way for most people to relax under the high pressure of real society. In crowded and fast-paced cities, many people like to gather friends and colleagues together to go to KTV to sing, drink and relax. This is a good way to release stress. Various Famous songs allow everyone to choose their favorite songs. Jiechuang Lighting Design Department combines the nightlife habits of contemporary young people and adopts soft and cool KTV smart private room lighting and sound: 100W small steel cannon beam light , LED moving head wash lights, full-color animated laser lights, embedded LED light strips, eight-eye laser lights and other equipment, all adopt one-click intelligent KTV lighting control system, which can programmably switch lighting effects, strobe beam effects, animated laser lights The effect allows every customer who comes to K-sing to experience the joyful, shocking and rhythmic light show in the private room.

JCLIGHT supplies a full set of KTV box lighting equipment. It takes three months from customer consultation on KTV lighting to installation and commissioning to complete acceptance. The services of professionally providing customers with complete KTV lighting solutions include: detailed communication of customer needs, site map analysis, and desired lighting. Effect; produce project CAD design drawings and KTV lighting installation point diagrams; communicate KTV lighting design and matching plans, determine the full set of KTV lighting list quotations; communicate with after-sales service guarantees, finalize the contract to close the deal; install and debug the controller programming office after the complete set of lights arrives The lighting effect of the KTV private room presented is shocking, atmospheric and cool.

JCLIGHT independently produces hundreds of stage lights and has many private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and commissioning team, and undertakes global professional commercial lighting system projects. It is widely used in performances, stage performances, theaters, auditoriums and lecture halls. , bar KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark buildings, etc.
Maybe not all the lighting application cases on our Jiechuang Lighting website are displayed, and we can’t find the corresponding cases for your venue, but it doesn’t matter, our Jiechuang is a professional team and can undertake professional lighting projects; thank you to all customers for their support. Trust and support!

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