Live house lighting project case

Live house lighting project case

For the design and decoration of live houses in leisure and entertainment venues, people are pursuing a relaxed and enjoyable space atmosphere. Regarding the popular live house in the city, there are probably three reasons why people like it:

  1. Live house is a place where the public drinks, entertains and consumes. It mainly deals in wine, food, beverages, etc. And the environment is relatively simple, relaxed and comfortable.
  2. The Live House operates a relatively complete range of beverages, as well as some employee leisure and entertainment areas such as a chess and card room.
  3. In the live house design, in order to cater to the needs of high-consumption and high-grade customers, the Qingba bar will have a performance stage, a band and a music ordering station in the decoration design.

Live house is also called a lounge bar or snack bar. Live house mainly focuses on light music, which is relatively quiet and comfortable. She is the most gentle and ladylike type in all the bars. When designing and decorating, the shape, color system, luminosity and quantity of lamps should be rationally utilized to create an entertainment and leisure space with rich layers, beautiful visual effects and quietness. In addition, the lighting design must have a sense of hierarchy and reflect the gradient effect of the lighting, so that different functional areas have a reasonable and comfortable visual effect in terms of light intensity and visual effects.

A full set of live house lighting is an indispensable part of the overall design of the live house. The use of lighting is not only reflected in the splendor of the live house night scene, but also reflects the charm of lighting in a warm and pleasant live house. The lighting design has It has become the mainstream trend of modern design. This is not only due to the diversity of lighting accessories nowadays, but also determined by the avant-garde nature of design thinking. Lighting is rich in the characteristics of color and music changes. Therefore, lighting design plays an important role in the live house decoration process. A more comprehensive knowledge and understanding is needed. When designing the lighting of the live house, it should be flamboyant but not cliché, and it should be relaxed and relaxed. It is best to better combine the neutral color temperature with the atmosphere of the bar, so as to ensure that Make the whole live house atmosphere better. Live houses are considered to be more ladylike among all bars. Therefore, if the lighting is not chosen properly, it may have the opposite effect. When designing and decorating live houses, you must pay attention to choosing the appropriate style reasonably. , color, the number of lights and the brightness of the lights, etc. The reasonable use of these can ensure the creation of a very rich visual experience, and can also bring a relatively quiet leisure place.

In addition, when designing live house lighting, we must also pay attention to the sense of hierarchy. It is best to design lights with a gradient effect, and in different areas, the intensity of the light must be determined according to specific functions. , thereby ensuring that a more comfortable visual effect can be created and the overall effect can be more satisfactory.

The above is how to design lighting for the best effect during the live house decoration design process and what must be paid attention to when designing live house lighting. Lighting can be said to be one of the souls of live house design. If this design is not adequate, then, This may make the entire live house atmosphere unsatisfactory.

JCLIGHT supplies a full set of live house lighting equipment. It takes two months from customer consultation on live house lighting design quotation to completion of installation and commissioning. Services that professionally provide customers with a complete set of live house lighting solutions include: detailed communication of customer needs, site map analysis, Desired lighting effects; produce project CAD design drawings and live house lighting spot maps; communicate live house lighting design matching plans, determine a full set of live house lighting list quotations; negotiate after-sales service guarantees, finalize contracts and close transactions; logistics and distribution of lamps arrive The live house lighting effect presented by post-installation, debugging and programming.
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