Cultural tourism lighting project case

Cultural tourism lighting project case

Outdoor cultural tourism landscape lighting is a commonly used lighting presentation method for cultural tourism attractions. Combined with the carrier, it has entered the hearts of the general public through fashionable and dynamic light and shadow, dreamy and gorgeous beam laser effects, and cheerful rhythm. The lights intersperse and extend between landscape carriers of different colors and materials. The combination of light and landscape, light and architecture, and light and color highlights the landscape through professional lighting decoration and embellishment, beautifying the night scene of tourist attractions.

  1. Lighting in cultural tourist attractions brings different emotional feelings to people according to the theme of cultural tourist attractions, and brings shocking and romantic visual perception experience through light show display. Lighting art has developed into an independent art genre, with artificial light sources as the main The art form of media brings visitors a pleasant and shocking visual enjoyment and artistic experience.
  2. Overall lighting + scenery, select elements that suit your own tonality to create the atmosphere of a cultural tourist attraction, and skillfully use lighting scenery to form two different scenes during the day and night, adding depth to the experience and giving tourists a doubled feeling.
  3. Lighting + water show creates a visual feast that links day and night. The beam lighting effects are reflected in the water, water curtain performances, digital water curtains, musical fountains, water show special effects, etc. During the day, the panoramic music fountain brings visitors a beautiful experience. At night, water is used to create a visual feast. Multimedia art such as screens, beams, lasers, and music present electro-optical shadows to visitors, bringing an immersive light and water show experience.
  4. Lighting + performance activities are a form that is easier to attract and impress people. Based on the light show in park scenic spots extended by performance activities, if you want to create a park landscape light show with both vision and connotation, it is necessary to combine lighting technology and art, so that The carrier, culture, lighting, sound, and images are perfectly integrated to convey the value of lighting.

JCLIGHT supplies a complete set of cultural tourism landscape lighting equipment for scenic spots. It takes three months from customer consultation on outdoor cultural tourism landscape lighting to installation and commissioning to complete acceptance. The services of JCLIGHT, which professionally provides customers with overall cultural tourism landscape lighting solutions, include: detailed communication of customer needs, venue Drawing analysis, desired lighting effect; produce project CAD design drawings, cultural tourism landscape lighting point map; communicate cultural tourism landscape lighting design matching plan, determine full set of cultural tourism landscape lighting list quotation; communicate after-sales service guarantee, finalize contract to close the deal ; After the lights arrive, they are installed, debugged and programmed to produce a cultural and tourism landscape lighting effect that is shocking, majestic and cool, allowing the carrier, culture, lighting, sound and images to be perfectly integrated to present a local iconic cultural tourism landscape light show .

JCLIGHT independently produces hundreds of stage lights and owns multiple private model lighting design patents. It has a complete and professional sales design team, installation and commissioning team, and undertakes global large-scale commercial professional lighting system projects. It is widely used in performances, stage performances, and theater auditorium reports. Halls, bars, KTV entertainment, cultural tourism landscape lighting, landmark building lighting, etc.

Maybe not all the landscape lighting application cases on are displayed, and we can’t find the corresponding case for your venue, but it doesn’t matter, our Jiechuang is a professional team and can supply professional lighting equipment for all places; thank you Trust and support from all customers!

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