Powerful Titan 9.1 operating system
Core i5/i7 CPU, 120GB SSD, 4GB RAM;
● 12 DMX outlets;
● Built-in 2 15.6-inch high resolution touch screens (industrial screens);
● The screen can be electrically adjusted from 0 to 125 angles on the console using key combinations;
● 1 trackball mouse, easy to select menu operations;
● Built-in UPS that can be started without 220V external power supply
● Support Chinese menu display,built-in multi-language, support graffiti screen identification function;
● Support networking to computer devices to control various lighting 3D visualization software;
● 10 macro buttons, operate the console faster ;
● 20 playback faders, support for more than 1000 program playback;
● Powerful attribute control window, CMY\RGB color pickup system; Supports Art-Net network functions;
● Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the media fragments in the media server image thumbnail;
● Support Wi-Fi access, wireless light control, and remote control of lamps by mobile devices (iPhone, iPad Touch);
● Built-in thousands of light library, built-in light library editing software, you can edit light library at any time on the console;
● Built-in Visualiser line lighting visualization software
● Support MIDI time code acousto-optical synchronization function, you can also play music in the console to send time code to control the light program playback
Package size: 64x33x90cm Weight: 46kgs

Short model number: L13