● DMX512/1990 standard, maximum 1024 DMX control channels, two optically isolated signal outputs.
● Maximum control of 120 computer lights or 120 channels of dimming.
● Use the pearl lamp library (R20 format lamp library), and the lamp library can be written on the console.
● LCD display with backlight, the first Chinese and English display switchable interface. The panel is available in English and Chinese.
● Built-in graphic track generator, with 227 built-in graphics, convenient for users to control the graphics of the computer lights, such as drawing circles, spirals, rainbows, chasing and other effects.
● Graphic parameters (such as amplitude, speed, interval, wave, direction) can be set independently, making it easier and faster to make the desired shape and scene.
● Each scene can save 5 graphics; at the same time, it can run 10 graphics.
● There is a program recording function, ** can store 100 programs, and the light show is once and for all.
● With built-in time code and external MIDI trigger function, you can easily realize the dazzling light show of one-button sound and light synchronization.
● The scene can achieve overlapping functions, the graphics have width parameters, and can be programmed more quickly.
● Has a ** grouping function.
● It can store 100 materials, material sharing or independent material can be set freely.
● There are four material storage modes, and the material storage and recall are flexible and convenient.
● It can store 120 replay scenes for storing multi-step scenes and single-step scenes. Each multi-step scene** can store 600 single steps.
● 12 replay scenes can be output and run simultaneously.
● With 12 centralized push rods. Key point control and fader control are compatible.
● Supports re-arrangement of address codes, vertical horizontal switching, and channel output reversal.
● The data can be memorized and maintained during shutdown or sudden power failure.
● The U disk can back up the console data and support re-importing to the console. The same model console data can be shared.
● Support remote software upgrades, adding new features anytime, anywhere.
● With pre-programming function, offline programming in advance, saving trouble.
● Preset fader can control the properties of the computer light, and the property control is more convenient and quick.
● Supports immediate black field and scene interlocking.
Voltage: AC90-240V/ 50-60HZ
Product Size: 46*52*13cm
Package size: 12.5kgs(with carton)–62x53x22cm, 20.5kgs(with fly case)–59x55x25cm

Short model number: L18