Samsung DDR4 memory, Asus motherboard; 120G Kingston SSD with 4G memory
● i3 9th generation processor; Customizable
● The touch screen adopts BOE medical grade, 2 15.6 inch capacitive screens, the sensitivity is 80% higher than the traditional resistance screen, no delay
● The operating system is customized based on linux, and the real-time transmission is stronger (Chinese and English can be switched freely).
● Contains 16 three-core physical outlets, 8192 DMX512 channels. Expandable over the network to 64 outputs, 32768 channels
● Built-in multi-language, Chinese and English can be switched at will
● Including 3 USB ports, two front, one back, convenient for multiple data input and output
● Before and after audio input, output, more convenient operation
● With 6000 lamp keys, the maximum can be matched with 6000 lamps
● Up to 600 lamp sets can be stored
● Materials are divided into nine categories, each of which can store 200 materials. A total of 1800 materials can be stored
● Before and after the time material, for programming and field, can easily improve efficiency
● It can store 2700 scenes, including unlimited steps for multi-step scenes
● Can run 65 scenarios simultaneously. Scene window can run 20 at the same time, push rod can run 45 at the same time
● Built-in 43 commonly used fixed graphics and 31 kinds of curve effect, you can modify the graphics and curve effect through the parameters
● Graphics grouping, more rich programming effect, you can import and export project files
● Can load 60 graphic effects at the same time, random combination
● Has 6 fan-mode, can modify fan-effect through the tips dialog box
● It can store 400 programs
● Special dialog box, through the color board, color fader or color preset, quick color call
● Vector bitmap function, simulate field layout emission, promote the control of lamps and lanterns more accurate and convenient
● Each working window can be linearly scaled, and saved as a view, convenient continuous call
● Paragraph operation method, for attributes, time, graphics, etc., as you wish to run
● 15 level knobs, can limit the execution power of equipment
● Built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, sudden power failure can also be used normally
● Built-in music player, easy to edit show and performance rehearsal records
● Light group, material, scene can be customized named or graffiti, easy to find the call
● Use the XML format light library. Light library editor simple operation, can be written directly on the console can also be written on the computer copy into the console
● Lamp library can be added segment set, fast selection of attribute features
● Support wired ART-Net function (light simulator), can be used for practice and simulation programming
● Support wireless ART-Net function, intelligent control, AI technology, remote use of mobile phone or IPAD control
● Two consoles can be connected to the control field and real-time backup
● Console virtual digital keyboard supports multi-language switching
● After connecting the lamp can directly change the address code and line and change the location of the lamp key
● All performance files on the console can be backed up to an external drive. In order to prevent file loss, you can change the Settings of the server and save them automatically according to the time interval
● You can set console password to protect console data
● Can customize the use time of the console
● The hardware is new and original, to prevent the market to replace the old phenomenon
● All the push-rods on the console are made of imported materials. The track is smooth, stable and feels strong. Accurate data, no delay, no jump
● The push rod can be customized color, add performance page recognition
● Turntable encoder imported from Japan, accurate data, feel delicate, fast and slow rotation can be arbitrary
● All the buttons on the console are made of imported materials from Germany, with strong feel and strong rebound
Power: 260W
Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Product Size: 102×55.5x33cm flight case size: 63x59x35cm
Net weight: 34KGS

Short model number: L23